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This is a book about modern approaches to management used in advanced US companies, in particular in Silicon Valley.

What will you learn?

• How to build a corporate culture that employees will talk about with pride?

• How to implement self-organizing processes in teams to save money on micromanagement and increase employee engagement?

• How to understand and set the goals, mission and principles of your organization and turn them not just into words on a website or wall, but into a tool that helps to develop and grow?

• What is the modern methodology for hiring, promoting, firing employees in Silicon Valley companies and how can it be applied in the realities of our market?
the workshop book
The book was created on the principles of design thinking with the involvement of a wide range of experts from Silicon Valley. This book is an interactive book, a training book, a consultant book. While reading, you will come across a lot of interactive elements and tasks, as well as QR codes.
CEO of «‎Malikspace», a self-organizing company. Since 2010, the company has organized educational events in 40 cities and 8 countries.

CEO of IT-startup MURS.AI, MalikCRM, author of the books "Business in the Hands of a Team", "You Are Your Own Boss".

The author of unique techniques for working with a team. The main specialization is employee engagement.

The organizer of the famous #maliktrip business tour in the USA for entrepreneurs. The owner of a popular YouTube channel where he shares insights about life and business with employees of Silicon Valley companies, startups, investors and founders of venture funds.
I have put into the book all my many years of experience in studying the inner workings of the most effective organizations in the world and the subsequent implementation of the acquired knowledge into the work of my team and client companies in Russia and the CIS countries.
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